Give the gift of candy! I've always loved giving and getting candy as a gift, so I created a candy bucket (all under $20) perfect for any occasion. 

It's pretty simple. All you need is:
1. A bucket of your choice that is fairly small 
2. Floral foam (available at Michaels)
3. Wooden sticks/skewers (available at Michaels)
4. Packing tape (available at Michaels)
5. A variety of candy 
6. Paper party filler (available at Michaels)

candy gift basket

candy gift basket
First, fill your bucket snugly with floral foam. 
candy gift basket
Tape your candy to wooden sticks. 
candy gift basket
Poke wooden sticks into foam and keep filling until almost no foam is showing, choosing a larger-sized candy to center everything around (I chose Red Vines). 
candy gift basket
Fill any extra space, especially the back, with paper filler to cover the foam. 
candy gift bucket
Make sure everything looks good...
candy gift bucket
Finished product! 

Candy buckets can be made for themed parties, holidays, or any special occasion by choosing different kinds of candy - more tutorials coming soon! 

Buy your candy bucket here.

Please email me at with any questions!


  1. Such a good idea with the skewers! You could do a valentine's day one with all pink and red candy or green for St. Patty's.

  2. This would be a great centerpiece at a movie party! (All the candy is what you'd find at the concession stand) : )

    1. Heather I love that idea! I will have to create a movie-themed party and use this for it :)

  3. How do you keep it from tipping over